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While creating your happy abode, if you feel that you would need to spend a little more than what you had initially budgeted, we are there for you to give you that extra help. We are happy to give you a top up loan on an existing home loan, because we understand that a home is incomplete without a dash of a little extra flavor. Let us help you get the toppings to your cake, by our top-up loans.

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Loan Amount (₹)
1 L 10 Cr
Loan Tenure (Months)
12 300
Interest Rate (%)
8 % 25 %
Your EMI will be

Note: These calculators are provided only as general self-help planning tools. Results depend on many factors, including the assumptions you provide. We do not guarantee their accuracy, or applicability to your circumstances or an assurance from SHFL on the calculations

Use our tailor made options to choose a smarter way to manage your loan through lower interest rates and repayment options.

  • Who is eligible
    All Indian residents
    Any 21 year old adult
    Any salaried or a self-employed individual
    Loan eligibility will be derived on the basis of your repayment capacity as well as the value of property under consideration
    The loan can be applied for individually or jointly. However, all co-applicants need not be co-owners.
  • What is the loan tenure

    Maximum loan tenure of 25 years subject to:

    Your retirement age will be considered if you are salaried
    Your age at maturity will be considered if you are self- employed
  • What are the repayment options
    Flexible loan installment plan
    Tranche based EMI
  • What are the benefits

    Purchase Re-sale Property, Under Construction or Ready to occupy property

    Avail loans for purchase of property from private developers, MHADA or any government authorized projects
    Tax benefit under Section 24 and 80C of Income Tax Act
    Approval of home loan even if property is yet to be selected
    Online management of Loan account
    Facility for funding for builder’s under construction and ready properties
    Quick processing and disbursal of housing loans
    You can apply for a Loan individually or with a co-applicant. Adding a co-applicant maximizes the loan amount. And adding a woman co-applicant helps getting a better interest rate. However, the co-applicant need not be co-owners.
  • How much can loan amount be
    Minimum loan amount is 1 lac
    Maximum loan amount is 10 cr
  • Rate of Interest

    We offer you floating rate of interest. Our Home Loan rate of interest is starting @ 10.49%, which are linked to Shriram Housing’s Prime Lending rate (SHPLR). Currently, SHPLR is 15%

Loan Process

Apply from ourwebsite or visits yournearest SHFL branch.Share yourloan requirement details.Submit necessary loandocuments to completethe loan applicationprocess.Assessment of theapplication basisthe details sharedEvaluation of repaymentcapacity and propertyappraisal by thecredit teamApproval to the home loanapplication by creditunderwriting teamLoan disbursal as per pre-agreedterms and conditions.WelcomeHome!1234567

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Frequently Asked Questions

From the time you decide to invest in real estate to the time you decide the final property, any time in between is a good time to apply for loans. The loan amount is sanctioned in principle so that you can know the loan amount limit. This will help you plan your other expenses involved during setting up your dream home.
The good news is that you can avail a home loan for any ready property, under construction or if you are constructing your own house. The loan can also be applied before the commencement of the project.
We are happy to say yes again! Before you choose the house you want to buy, we give you an in-principle approval based on your income and capacity to repay. This makes the entire process of identifying and buying a house easier and more flexible.
The Co-owners of the property for which loan has been sought can be co-applicants. The co-applicants must be blood relatives. Usually, joint applications are from husband-wife, father-son or mother-son.
To maximize the sanctionable loan amount.. Adding a woman as co-applicant also helps in getting a better interest rate.
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