Loan Against Residential Property

Put your investments to right use. Now avail loan against property that you own. We provide you loan facility against a fully constructed residential property for business expansion or personal use like medical emergency/marriage expense/education to name few.


  • You have to be an Indian Resident
  • You have to be of minimum 21 years at the time of application
  • You can be a salaried or a self-employed individual
  • Your loan eligibility will be derived on basis of your repayment capacity as well as the value of property under consideration


  • Business Needs
  • Marriage, medical expenses and other personal needs


Maximum tenure of your loan can be 12 years subject to:
  • Your retirement age will be considered if you are salaried
  • Your age at maturity will be considered if you are self- employed

Loan Amount

  • Minimum loan amount is 1 Lac &
  • Maximum loan amount is 150 lac
  • Subject to 60%* of the property value and repayment capacity of the borrower

Repayment Options

  • Electronic Clearing System (ECS)/Post Date Cheques (PDC) /NACH

Rate of Interest

  • We offer you floating rates, which are linked to Shriram Housing’s Prime Lending rate (SHPLR). Currently, SHPLR is 15%.
*Terms & Conditions apply. Credit at sole discretion of SHFL.

I authorize Shriram Housing Finance Ltd. representative to call/sms/email me with reference to my enquiry