My Loan Story

A positive note

My experience with Shriram Housing Finance was worthwhile. I always had a dream of owning "My Home", but did not have the right credentials hence was advised to speak to Shriram Housing, which ultimately turned My Home Dream into reality.

Staff at Shriram Housing has been extremely welcoming which made me feel very comfortable and homelike. No wonder my pleasure of owning a house is so joyful that I am asking all my friends and business associates to experience the feeling of hassle free loan for peace of mind.

Happy ending

Elaborate wedding stage decorations were Kumar Lakshmi’s expertise for over two decades, but his desire to decorate his own home had started to look bleak.

“For over 25 years I have been in the flower and stage decoration business. I have a strong base and my business does well. Like most people I also wanted a house of my own. I knew I had the financial capability to take a loan and buy my own house. When I started exploring the loan market I was denied a loan from all the places I approached, the reason was that since my business was mainly based on cash transaction, I could not give them the documentation they required. Even though I was willing to show all my business details and accounts I still wasn’t able to convince them. I was really upset, at this point a friend told me about Shriram Housing. The Shriram Housing team was most willing to assess my situation and they realised that I am a loan worthy customer. They processed my application and today I and my family are very happy in a home we call our own.”

Shanmugam Shri Ruby Saloon

Shanmugam’s story is no different from those of a large majority whose ability to take a loan gets dismissed due to their cash based business. However this saloon owner and hairdresser’s dream of having his own house did come true.

“I have been running my own men’s saloon for over 15 years. Being a barber and hairdresser I have a good monthly income. My shop does good business but all the transactions are in cash. Most places I approached for a loan were not willing to see that I had a good established business. I had land already; I only wanted funds to construct my own house. At this point I got to know about Shriram Housing and contacted them; I was so happy when they made an effort to understand my financial and business situation. They processed my loan application.I am very much happy as Shriram Housing helped me in getting my home built."

A shoulder to lean on

A lack of time and understanding from players in the loan market kept Thomas George from getting his loan, until he found a team willing to hear his side of the story.

“I faced lots of trouble when I was looking for a loan. My main issue is that my past track record shows some concerns. I had good reasons for my past record and needed a place that would hear me out and judge my loan worthiness on my current situation. The only place that responded positively and made an effort was Shriram Housing. I have taken my loan from them and I am very satisfied with the way it happened."

Shriram Housing Finance has been like a silver lining

“Shriram Housing Finance has been like a silver lining for me. It had helped me financially when all other options for me remained closed. The company on which people can easily rely on. I wish the company a great future ahead and hope it soars high above in the sky”.

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